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"Just like to say that your paper on infiles and file statements was probably the best SUGI paper I have yet to come across – I’ve only been doing SAS since September and was struggling quite a lot with reading files, but your paper has made things a lot clearer – very clear and well constructed."
- Student


Our Presentations
SAS Fundamentals and Tips SAS SQL                                   
Proc Papers Data Step Programming
Data Manipulation and Modeling SAS and Excel
SAS Macros
SAS Fundamentals and Tips
SAS Program User Interfaces Made Easy Using Stored Processes
SAS Efficiencies

SAS Enterprise Guide For All! 
Presentation - Paper

Introduction to Business Intelligence for SAS Users
Winner of Best Paper - Midwest SAS Users Group 2010
Presentation - Paper

Leveraging the Power of SAS
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques from the Experts

Unusual Uses of SAS

Presentation - Paper

Hidden Gems in the SAS System
The SAS System - A Full-Featured Utility and Language for Programmers
SAS and Sudoku
SAS Enterprise Guide: A Revolutionary Tool
The SAS® Log: A Wealth of Data and Job Flow Information
Productivity Tips for SAS® Enterprise Guide® Users
Filtering Data in SAS Enterprise Guide
Data About Data - A Look at Dictionary Tools & SASHELP Views
Demystifying Inherited Programs
Automating Projects
The PROC SQL Pass Through Facility
Advanced Subqueries in PROC SQL
Creating Buckets in SQL
Introduction to PROC SQL
Proc Papers
Using PROC REPORT to Generate 'Impossible' Totals
The Advanced Power of PROC SUMMARY
A Different View of PROC SORT
PROC Format
Proc Tabulate
Advanced Features of PROC REPORT
Creating Custom Line Types for State Boundaries with the GMAP Procedure and the SAS Annotate Facility
Data Step Programming
The DATA Step and the Program Data Vector
Faster SAS Jobs and Few Passes via DATA Step Views
The SAS Infile and File Statements

Arrays Made Easy

Paper - Presentation

Advanced Techniques for Reading Difficult and Unusual Flat Files
Data Manipulation and Modeling
ETL Anatomy 101
Presentation - Paper
Thomas Miron
Advantages of Dimensional Data Modeling
Data Cleanup
Data Strategies for Efficiency and Growth
Timely Issues in SAS
Does Anybody Know What Day It Is? Working With Date Intervals, Multipliers, and Shift Index
SAS and Excel
Choosing the Right SAS® and Excel Tool
SAS Excels!
SAS Macros
Introduction to SAS Macros
Intermediate and Advanced Macros