Tips, Tricks, & SAS® Techniques




SAS programmers of all levels will pick up something new in this class.


2 days

Prerequisites Introduction to SAS or equivalent experience


An eclectic mix of SAS tips and techniques that our consultants have used in contract programming. It will consist of many short examples from a wide variety of topics presented in a lecture format, along with short exercises.


  • Learn unique options and programming techniques
  • Discover small and clever tips from a wide variety of topics
  • Learn unique tricks to improve code
  • Learn cool uses of common SAS procedures, functions, and statements
  • Have every student leave with at least a few clever tips


  • Naming conventions for files, programs, and variables
  • Techniques to validate input data
  • Cleaning data values and finding unique keys
  • Techniques to work with periodic report processing
  • Percentage problems
  • Methods to compare and audit data sets
  • Useful functions
  • Macro and format tips
  • Verify the existence of files and SAS data sets
  • Data step tips
  • Useful tricks to debug code
  • IBM Mainframe utilities
  • SAS as a programmer’s utility



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